Our Team


Our people are what set us apart.
Kicking ass and breaking bands since 1993.

Louis Posen   / President

Louis Posen /

Al Person   / CFO

Al Person /

Ian Harrison /
General Manager

Eric Tobin  /   EVP of Business Development and A&R

Eric Tobin /  
EVP of Business Development and A&R

Erin Choi   /    VP, Project Manager

Erin Choi /
VP, Project Manager

Dyeniol Bendebel   /   Director of Merchandise

Dyeniol Bendebel /
Director of Merchandise

Justine Law   / Digital Operations Coordinator

Justine Law /
Digital Operations Coordinator

Christina Johns   /  Director of Operations

Christina Johns /
Director of Operations

Josh Epple   / Head of Promotions

Josh Epple /
Head of Promotions

Mackenzie Hall   / Promotions and Sales Manager

Mackenzie Hall /
Promotions and Sales Manager

Megan Thompson   / Creative Marketing Director

Megan Thompson /
Creative Marketing Director

Nicole Abea   / Social Media Manager

Nicole Abea /
Social Media Manager

Tammy   Ordonez   / Finance Manager

Tammy Ordonez /
Finance Manager

Greg Lemaire   / Finance Manager

Greg Lemaire /
Finance Manager

Maggie Cunin   / Executive Assistant

Maggie Cunin /
Executive Assistant



Nav Sidhu   / Label Manager, UK

Nav Sidhu /
Label Manager, UK

Tom Doyle   / Label Manager, UK

Tom Doyle /
Label Manager, UK

Walter Mazzeo   / Label Manager, EU

Walter Mazzeo /
Label Manager, EU

Ilich Rausa   / Label Manager, EU

Ilich Rausa /
Label Manager, EU

Sarah Lutz   / Label Manager, Canada

Sarah Lutz /
Label Manager, Canada

UNIFIED   / Label Manager, Australia

Label Manager, Australia

Tim Blunt   / Label Manager, Australia

Tim Blunt /
Label Manager, Australia

Edwin Waliman   / Label Manager, SEA

Edwin Waliman /
Label Manager, SEA

Masa Ouchi   / Label Manager, Japan

Masa Ouchi /
Label Manager, Japan

Cecilia Sanches   / Label Manager, Brazil

Cecilia Sanches /
Label Manager, Brazil

Cesar Rosas   / Label Manager, Mexico

Cesar Rosas /
Label Manager, Mexico