+ Do you guys accept unsolicited demos?

Of course! We love checking out new stuff. Email ar@hopelessrecords.com with your band name in the subject. Send us your bio, Youtube videos, Facebook, etc. If you attach mp3’s, do not attach more than 2-4 of your best songs to the email. We are no longer accepting physical submissions.

+ I sent my demo in, have you guys listened to it? What do you think? You wanna sign my band?

Because of the amount of submissions we get, it is impossible to respond to every single request. Feel free to follow up by emailing us again, but be aware that feedback is not always possible. We do listen to EVERYTHING that comes in! We will be in touch if we want to hear more or need any more info. Promise.

+ Is (Hopeless band) going to be playing my hometown soon?

As soon as we get a tour date in for a band, it goes up on the tour page so if it’s not up there, we don’t know…

+ I want to use a Hopeless artist’s song on my sampler/comp/video, who do I talk to?

Email information@hopelessrecords.com with your request including what kind of project it is for, what track(s) you would like to use and all pertinent information for the project and we’ll go from there.

+ Who should I contact if have a question about my webstore order?

If you ordered from the Hopeless Webstore via MerchNow you can email support@merchnow.com for any questions regarding your order! If you ordered from our UK Webstore via Kontraband, please direct all order inquiries to support@kontrabandstores.com. If you ordered from our EU Webstore via Impericon, please direct all order inquiries via their support page: https://www.impericon.com/en/service-contact/

All other orders, please direct to the store you have purchased the product from. Still no answers? Drop us a line at info@hopelessrecords.com.

+ How do I interview a Hopeless band?

We love for magazines/websites/etc of all sizes to talk w/ our bands. Please send an email to hopelesspress@hopelessrecords.com. In the subject line please write the name of your magazine/site/etc, and the name of the band you want to interview. Please be as clear as possible about who you are and what you want to do. The more time in advance you make your request the more likely we can make it happen.

+ How do I get promo copies for Hopeless bands?

So you want to be on our press list? Very cool! Please send a link to your site to: hopelesspress@hopelessrecords.com along with your promo request. Make sure your site is current and updated regularly… If your site is totally hyping the 2004 Warped Tour you will probably not get anything.

+ How Can I Join The Hopeless Team As A Staff Memeber Or Intern?

We'd love to have you! Visit the Work at Hopeless Records page for all the details on how to apply!

+ Do you accept fan mail for (Hopeless band)?

Send your favorite Hopeless artists a letter at the below address. We send everything we get directly to the bands. Hopeless Records PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409

+ Didn't find the answer to your question?

Just email us & we'll help you out info@hopelessrecords.com