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Over 2.5 million dollars raised

In 1999 we at Hopeless Records got the crazy idea that if we gave bands and their fans the opportunity to connect their talent and passion with causes that were important to them we could make a positive impact through music. Sub City is run by the Hopeless Records team and we look to incorporate a charity component into as much of what we do as possible. At Sub City, we don't believe many peoples' misconception that our new generation is just lazy and avoiding real life issues such as getting "real jobs"; we believe bands and their fans are out changing the world by taking action. With your continued participation in our various fundraisers, tours, grants, releases and other events we are able to illustrate how we can all make a difference together regardless of age, socioeconomic status, physical ability or any other factor.


past Charity Partners

Foundation Fighting Blindness  |  A Place Called Home | Kristin Brooks Hope Center  | Do Something  |  Crittenton Services  |  Driving For Donors  |  Hot Topic Foundation  |  It Gets Better Project  |  Living The Dream Foundation  |  Sex Etc  |  New Directions For Youth  |  Art City  |  Reach Out  |  Mount Carmel Clinic  |  Project MuszEd  |  Radiation and Public Health  |  Purple Berets  |  Pepperdine University STAKE Scholarship  |  Orangewood PALS  |  Plea For Peace Foundation  |  Prison Radio  |  Mr. Holland's Opus  |  MS Service Society  |  Berkeley Free Clinic  |  Women's Justice Center  |  Positive Images  |  New Day Youth and Family Services  |  Schools For Chiapas  |  H.E.A.R.  |  Diana Price Fish Foundation  |  The Ruckus Society  |  Any Positive Change  |  Toys for Tots  |  Debi Zuver Defense Fund  |  People's Emergency Center  |  Adoption Advocates